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Case Studies

  • The Challenge: Difficult Sales Process

    With 12,000 employees including hundreds of field sales personnel, the company needed to reduce costs on printing catalogs, stay ahead of the competition, track sales activities, and update prospective buyers.

  • Our Solution & Results: Seamless Portal

    Our team gathered information about sales activities and analyzed print materials. Considering the budget and timeline, the team at ASR proposed a solution that would allow salespersons to present materials to prospects efficiently and track their needs via their app.
    A mobile app that would display product catalogs of the latest products to specific prospect clients. The catalog can be edited by a designated sales agent or marketing manager.
    PDF files no longer needed to be printed. Files were deployed via our custom made app system, updated regularly, and even worked offline. Sales agents were able to demo their products to their prospect clients and view analytics on their activities for follow up and closing purposes.

  • The Challenge: Understanding Healthy Eating Habits

    Patients often do not understand diatery restrictions for their health conditions. Educational materials are often lengthy or boring or difficult to retain.

  • Our Solution & Results: Patient Education Game

    ASR team did a study on gamification effectiveness in patient education and the role of mobile apps in reducing patient risk. As a result of those findings, an educational game was developed to engage and educate patients about their eating habits.

  • The Challenge: Teaching aspects of Nuclear Medicine can be boring for younger generation
  • Our Solution & Results: Student Education Game to Make Learning Fun

    After carefully evaluating possible methods in delivering complex topics, ASR team developed a mobile game that simplifies certain topics in Nuclear Medicine. The game has levels and users can log in to compete.

  • The Challenge: Medical Office has existing scheduling system but cannot communicate marketing materials to patients
  • Our Solution & Results: Easy to Use Portal for Medical Staff

    ASR developed a platform where administrators at the medical office were able to upload materials to our easy-to-use portal. Materials directly get pushed to an app , subscribed by patients. Patients can also use the app to refer their favorite physician to their friends and peers.