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App Development is more than coding. It involves a complex process of understanding new technologies, trends, requirements, and methods. We understand that process, and approach each step of the way with careful planning and efficient management. We help you with strategies through the lifecycle of the app with steps towards efficacy. Bring your interactive materials to 21st century standards. We convert Flash to mobile apps (native and responsive). Some of our area of expertise include: HIPAA Compliant apps, educational games, apps for sales teams, and GPS-based apps. Our industry focus are in educational publishing and health/pharma, and our service includes Project Management and Consulting. Let the team at ASR take care of your next Enterprise challenge in mobile technology.

Services for Entrepreneurs


We develop ideas, confidential and non-compete, and evaluate wireframes and screens to make sure that you're on the right track.

Graphic Design

Our team can come up with creative art work for your app idea, or we can incorporate existing designs.

Continuous support

For one year, from the point of app launch, our team provides support and bug fixes at no additional cost.

You own the codes

Once our team completes the app and all transactions are concluded, all codes and graphics are owned by your and/or your company. We respect your territory!


We are aware and careful of your budget, as much as you are. Our process will ensure that you stay within budget and save money.


Our team takes deadlines very seriously. If we promise to deliver, we will.

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Our company was founded based on one principle: to help businesses overcome their innovative and resource challenges.
ASR team is the core of AdvanTech Media LLC, a privately held company with global clients of all sizes. Our team has provided services to start-ups, small businesses, as well as global corporations.

Our Core Values

«Treat others as you like to be treated

«Client is king

«Sustainable approach to all projects

«Positive attitude all the way

«Be humble

«Do the right thing, even if risky

«Help others achieve their goals

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